I am a qualified Meditation teacher, mindfulness educator and coach and trained Psychotherapist and Counsellor.  I live and work in Melbourne, Australia.  

I first started working in the health and wellbeing industry in 1996 in Human Services as a support person with young offenders. After having my first child and spending time at home I began working with other mothers as a Counsellor at PANDA (Post and Ante Natal Depression Association), as well as in private practice. In 2017 I assumed a position on the tutoring team at Monash University (Department of General Practice) as part of the health Enhancement Program led by Associate Professor Dr Craig Hassed.  This year, in 2019 I have been appointed a position on the board of Meditation Association of Australia, the national peak body representing mediation and mediation teachers.

My passion to work with people in need and to give back to the community led me to volunteer with The Sacred Heart Mission in St. Kilda, The Lighthouse Foundation for homeless young people and with Caring Mums, a service that provides emotional support to mums of newborn babies and women during pregnancy.

In the early 1990s I found yoga and have been a practitioner ever since, my interest in meditation and mindfulness (Vipassana – Insight meditation) sprouted while studying Psychotherapy in 2006. I used it sporadically when stressed or couldn’t sleep, when a friend asked me to join her on a silent retreat. I decided I had nothing to lose and the idea of spending time in silence kind of excited me.  After the first 24 hours of settling in and accepting physical aches and pains I found myself lighting up from the inside out…..my heart was wide open and I felt completely at home. Being silent felt natural, like an ancient memory had been resting deep inside my body somewhere and it needed to be reawakened.  Now I practice meditation almost every day. This does not mean my life is perfect, I, like everyone else have ups and downs, but have a relationship with my internal landscape, my inner being where it is always calm, grounded, compassionate and full of love…..all I have to do is connect with it. That’s where meditation comes in. Everyone has inner peace, it’s our true nature.

“Meditation isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already” Pema Chodron

This is my favourite quote to date, and I would love to share its true felt sense and meaning with you. For me…… it’s freedom!!


Registered Meditation teacher, member of Meditation Association of Australia

Diploma Teaching Meditation, Gita International Yoga Australia – 2013

Diploma in Soul Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling, The Kairos Centre – 2010

Emotional Field Therapy (EFT)

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

Dip. Community Services, Community Development, Swinburne University – 1999

Completed The Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Meditation Training – 2018

Personal achievements

Board Member – Meditation Association Australia 

Completing the Mindfulness Based Stress reduction course (MBSR)

Attending Melbourne Insight Meditation silent retreats annually since 2013

Riding in the Great Victorian Bike ride 2015

Happily Married for 22 years

Mother to a 20 year old son and a 17 year old daughter.

Member of the Daring to Rest Academy


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