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You can find me guiding meditation classes at Happy Melon Studios and at Spiritgrow.



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Free Guided Meditation

Play the Soundcloud file above and enjoy.  Or find more of my free guided meditations here on Insight Timer – meditation App.  The most popular free meditation app in the App Store.  Home to more than 1.4 million meditators.  

Zoe has an incredible calmness about her that comes through in her teaching. Her meditations are absolutely magic and I always leave her classes feeling calm, rested and in my centre. Zoe is passionate about mindfulness and  teaches very much from her heart space. I highly recommend her classes.

Delia Baron

Founder , Grow Your Heart

“Meditation is a state of total relaxation; not of concentration, not of contemplation, but of relaxation.  When one is so absolutely relaxed that there is no tension either in the body or in the mind, then suddenly there is an opening of the heart.  Only in total relaxation does the heart open, it becomes a flower.  Without its opening one remains unfulfilled, discontented.”


Zoe has absolutely found her calling in her work as a meditation teacher and coach. Her calming and centered energy, her genuine love for her fellow man and her wisdom gained from both her personal experiences and formal training make her an invaluable support to any individual or team. She lives authentically and really walks her talk. I feel so honored to have her as a founding member of the Happy Melon Meditation team and I recommend her without reservation

Liv Downing

Co-Founder Happy Melon & Liv Mindfully

Zoe’s beautiful spirit and gentle energy is obvious when you first meet her, but it is her calm, soothing voice that stays with you long after class has finished. I find it transports me to such an amazing place within, that I don’t want to come out of the meditation!

Thank you Zoe for being the wonderful teacher that you are. You are special 💚

Jenny Baird

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