Kindness & Praise


“It was an absolute treat to enter into Zoe’s home and be taken to that place within that nourishes and restores us all. I learnt skills and got ideas on how to continue at home with my own meditation practice. Zoe is the perfect teacher, knowledge, heart and humour.”  Annie Erez, Artist.


“Zoe creates a wonderfully safe & nurturing environment to take you on a very personal journey into mediation. I got some much out of the course, and there are tools that I learnt that will be part of my life everyday going forward. I feel very blessed and grateful for the experience.”   Annelise Turnbull, Life Coach.  


“Thank you Zoe for the beautiful mediation experience you have provided over the last few months,  your lovely calming manner and soothing environment made the whole experience so enjoyable.  Mediating with you on a weekly basis helped so much with my ability to deal with  a demanding and stressful job and allow my mind to switch off. I am very grateful for the generous  time you spent with our group”  Cath Stubbings, Founder & Managing director Interface Property Group


“Thanks Zoe, I think you are a very good teacher, kind and good at listening to everyone.  I think you encourage the practice with your lovely manner and gentle encouragement. Thank you very much for having me in your meditation classes, I felt very lucky to be part of them, thank you.”  Kate Collingwood, Photographer


‘I have tried different forms of mediation and Zoe’s class is the pinnacle. Her soothing voice and relaxed manner always take me on a wonderful journey’ – Anna Young (Teacher)


‘The opportunity has been awesome and given our team a number of great tools. We are extremely appreciative of your depth of knowledge and patience with our crazy team!’ – Idris Mustafovski, People & Culture Manager, Bounce Inc. 


‘Thank you Zoe! Your calm and quiet demeanour helped me every Monday.  Wish I could take you with me everywhere!’ – Emma, Buildings and Property, Monash University.


Hi Zoe, I find your mediations so helpful.  You are my favourite teacher.  I just want you to know how much I appreciate you, Blessings’ – Roland Legge, Life Coach & Consultant, REL Consultants.


‘A Day of Deep Rest exceeded all my expectations. Zoe & Melissa’s warm energy & ability to hold a nurturing space supported an immediate sense of calm& relaxation. A perfect balance was created between guided activities & quiet time with individual choice around participation also encouraged. This allowed for nourishing personal reflection in the setting of naturally beautiful surrounds, both inside & outdoors. Dahlia’s love infused, delicious & supremely healthy food was definitely a highlight. For anyone seeking replenishment in a peaceful space, these day long local retreats are the perfect anecdote.’  – Sarah Rudd, Physiotherapist. 




Leeds, England, United Kingdom

“This is the best meditation I have ever found for anxiety. I rely on this recording every day to help me stay calm. I would genuinely be lost without it. ” – Insight Timer meditator


“Thank you for last nights workshop Zoe.  It’s inspiring to see someone who has suffered post natal depression and not only survived it but gone on to thrive in life.  I appreciate your empathy and I look forward to practicing more Yoga Nidra.”  – anonymous.